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I highly recommend working with Judith to sell your house!

She knows the market well and how to show your home at its best so it will sell quickly and at top dollar. Judith was recommended by a friend and made selling my home so easy. During our initial meeting, we went over homes comparable to mine and did a walk-through where she gave staging suggestions and pointed out anything that may show up during a home inspection. I followed her recommendations and my house was under contract in less than a week at 98% of asking price! It was a pleasure to work with Judith and I highly recommend having her as your agent!

Dr Milton Sevilla

Buying my first home was truly an experience that I will never forget!

Judith beside me was a blessing! I recommend that you give her a shot, she will help you from day 1 to the day you'll move in to your new property.

Irene Funtila

Working with Sheryll and Judith has really been a pleasurable, positive and stress-free experience for us.

With lots of anxieties and uncertainties coming in to the home buying process, they made sure that we are well-informed, updated with any progress, and guided throughout the whole process. They were very patient, responsive, dedicated, transparent, helpful and kind, really a pleasure to work with. They always go out of their way and was always two steps ahead with any needs or requirements that are coming our way. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for an awesome realtor! Team Dela Cruz rocks!!! :)

Eric D

Selling a home can be stressful, especially when you have the demands of life hitting you at the same time.

I was in the middle of defending my dissertation and my stress level was high. Then I called Judith and she came to the rescue! She immediately took control of the situation, arranging the various tasks that needed to be completed. She jumped in and staged the house, with her crew, and didn't say it was done until it was picture perfect. I didn't have to do a thing which was wonderful. She is a hard worker and very knowledgeable. Judith is very responsive and she listened to my needs and desires. Her many years of experience made it extemely easy to trust her and I was confident I had nothing to worry about. I placed it all in her hands and she delivered!! This was my first time selling a house and Judith made this experience a pleasant one. Additionally, I think we made real estate history...perfectly priced house equaled an offer from the first showing, the first day...SOLD!! And to top it off...she is a nice person, which goes a long way these days! I would recommend Judith to everyone I know who's in search for an excellent, friendly, hard working, and knowledgable realtor.

Patsy Polston

Our listing was not the usual sell my house kind.

We listed our home for rent and for sale at the same time, and Judith has to coordinate her activities with the rental agent. Although we received a couple of low ball offer on the sale, which we turned down on her advice, we were able to get a 3 year lease for a tenant that may extend to 5 years. The situation had changed, and since we still wanted to sell, Judith quickly and adeptly changed her strategy and stated looking for investment buyers who had a 3 year contract for rental at a excellent rate with an excellent long term renter. Within days of the strategy switch, Judith had already begun showing the property to prequalified buyers, many with their own funding so they didn't need bank approval. Judith worked well with the rental agent in coordinating showings of an occupied home, and she and the rental agent were able to convince the new occupant that there would be no disruption in their schedule. When Offers to Purchase started coming in, Judith worked with our rental agent to coordinate inspections and repairs. We accepted an offer above our asking price because of Judith's negotiating skills and knowledge of the market and how to close a deal. We would definitely recommend her and her team to anyone. She is professional, courteous, responsive, respects your time, stays in communication throughout the process and works to your benefit, buyer or seller, to create a win-win outcome for all parties. We enjoyed working with Judith and her team and recommend them without reservation to anyone with real estate needs.

Dr Steve Dempsey

I could not have gotten more lucky than finding Judith to help up with our move.

I was facing a work relocation which had enough stress in coordinating work related transitions but the added trouble of having to sell within a timeframe and still get close to what we hoped was almost too much to expect. Luckily, we chose to reach out to Judith to help us and we ended up with multiple offers, an incredibly smooth process due to Judith's willingness to keep us informed every step night or day, and working towards our goals. I recommended her to my replacement coming in to the area and I would recommend her to anyone else in the Triangle looking for a qualified seasoned Realtor who cares.

David Morgan

First of all, we are very thankful for Judith and her in-depth experience with the business because if not for her and her team we will not be able to purchase our first house in a very short amount of time.

She guided us through the process by being there from Day 1 to the last. She went out of her way to help us and is still ready to answer questions up to now. If you become Judith's client, she will treat you as her client for life and that is a very good thing.

Mark Olorvida

Judith is not just a realtor, she is a friend too.

The minute you approach her and ask her help, she will not treat you as a client but a friend and a relative. This review is actually way past over due. Judith helped my family all the way in buying our house in NC way back in 2003 and helped us again sold that same house when we moved back to Florida. We needed to move back before the final transaction of the house and had to leave, Judith did everything I don't even know how because we were already in Florida. So she did not only help us, but she did everything to make our buying, selling and moving in and out a pleasurable experience. The down side of that is, here I am moving back again to NC. I know with Judith to help me, no sweat! All the way means, whatever you need, she will gladly help you in all ways she can. When you are from out of state and moving into your new home, she will be there for you. Your transition to a new place, a new city and new state, don't worry. You already got a family and a real good friend who will make your move a really great experience for you. Even if you don't know Judith personally, never hesitate to ask help with all real estate needs. She will be a very good friend and you will be treated not as a client but a close family friend. Very knowledgeable in her field with a lot of years of experience. I have already bought several houses and met several realtors, nobody is like Judith. Once you approach her, you're not a client but a very good family friend. I do highly recommend Judith if you want the best realtor in town. Right now I am again in the process of looking for a house in the Raleigh area. With Judith at my side, everything will be just great!

Eppie Carbon

Judith has made the overwhelming experience of selling my home such a breeze.

She is an extremely hard worker encompasses a great deal of the knowledge and expertise necessary to cover all aspects of selling home. She not only made awesome recommendations for excellent contractors but staged my home in such a beautiful way that even I was surprised at how amazing it looked. She became a dear friend who put my best interests first and I am forever grateful for her guidance, experience, and protection.

Donnell McBryde

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