Meet Judith

Moving is a big change in people's lives. It is fun and exciting but it could also be complex and stressful. Technology has made it easier for buyers and sellers to educate themselves about the home buying and selling process, however most people eventually realize that there is just one thing that they cannot get from it, and that is called Experience. Judith understands how it feels to relocate to another area as she herself took a major leap in 1988 from her native Philippines right into the heart of the Triangle. She started her real estate career in 1995 with an accounting degree from prestigious University of the Philippines, a 5.5 year International Advantage Representative experience with American Airlines and a childhood faith in the American dream.

Now after almost 23 years of full time, local real estate agency experience, she has honed her skills to help her clients make the best real estate decisions for themselves and their family. Embracing technology, being connected with the best partners in the business and being with the fastest growing real estate company in the USA has helped Judith provide a seamless, enjoyable and successful real estate experience. Probably the biggest thing that sets her apart is her personality. Working with Judith is not just all business. You got a friend for life! This is the reason why 90% of her business comes from referrals and past clients.

Judith is the oldest of 8 children to educator parents. She is widowed and has an independent, 27 yr old son. She is an active member of the Philippine American community in the area and is a longtime supporter of community projects and events which benefit locally and the Philippines. Her passions are her love of family, dancing, reading, and travelling. Her dream is to hopefully inspire others that no matter what one's background is, as long as he has pure intentions and genuine love for others, he can be or do whatever he sets his mind to be. The challenges and hard times that people go through are in fact blessings. Because of them, one learns to appreciate and cherish everything that he gets in life.

The American Dream is real indeed! Experience is not's Priceless!